Creating your WhatsApp Chat Widget


Last Update a year ago

Start replying to your customer's questions from your WhatsApp by following these steps:

Step 1.

- Go to your bitCRM dashboard.

- Click “WA Widget” to activate it.

Step 2.

- Press the gray toggle in "Add WhatsApp Widget" to enable it.
- Pick your desired "Button Position" and "Button Style", which will appear at your website or app.

Step 3.

- Fill in "Pre-filled message", a message that will appear when user enters your site. You can type in latest promos or some FAQ about your products. 

- Add Message templates for CRM in chatbots for customers that purchase or signed up to your store!
- Lastly, set the page that you want your chat widget to appear! 

Thus, your customer is ready to use the chat widget in your website! 

For more information, please submit a ticket to [email protected]

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