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Support customers 24/7 by answering customers' needs with bitCRM chatbot. Send chats with keywords triggered by the customer's chat. The chatbot can send texts, buttons and pictures too.

Follow the steps below to create a Chatbot: 

Step 1. 

-Open "Chatbot" 
-Click "Add New Auto Reply"

Step 2.

- Fill in the chatbot form to create your auto reply

- Fill the "Keywords" column with keywords example your customer will type to trigger this chatbot.

- Select the “Message Type” that you will use.

- It can be in the form of text / attach media, include text / or add buttons to your landing page or social media.

Step 3. 

- Finally, click "Save Changes" when you're done.

- Chatbot is activated as soon it appear on Dashboard

Thank you for following through this tutorial! 

Note: You can edit chatbot by clicking the "Pencil button" on the right.

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