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Last Update 2 yıl önce

Chatbot will not be triggered when your Customer Service is handling the chat, this is triggered when the customer service has clicked "Join Chat" mode.

You can differentiate the chat you are handling by looking at the "All" and "Yours" menus.

The "All" menu houses all statuses of chats, while "Yours" menu houses all the chats you Joined. 

So to solve this matter you could:

Step 1.

- Go to bitCRM dashboard
- Open LiveChat > Click the "Yours" > Click on the Hamburger menu

Step 2 .

- Click "Close Chat"

By doing this, the chatbot will activate again and rest assured if you close the chat, your chat history will not be erased. It will appear again when you click on the chat.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any problems.

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