Creating a personalized message with customer’s order related Dynamic Variables

Personalized your message with Dynamic Variable

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Here is a list of Dynamic Variable that you can use to customize your message to the customer

Order Data

Description Variable
Order ID {{}}
Order Name {{}}
Order Total Price {{order.totalPrice}}
Order Note {{order.note}}
Order Item Lines {{order.itemLines}}
Order Properties {{[index]}} : {{[index]}}
Order Link Details {{}}

Customer Data

Description Variable
Full Name {{}}
First Name {{order.customer.firstName}}
Last Name {{order.customer.lastName}}
Email {{}}
Phone {{}}
Address {{order.customer.address}}

Shipping Address

Description Variable
Customer full name {{}}
Customer first name {{order.shippingAddress.firstName}}
Customer last name {{order.shippingAddress.lastName}}
Address 1 {{order.shippingAddress.address1}}
Address 2 {{order.shippingAddress.address2}}
Country {{}}
Province {{order.shippingAddress.province}}
City {{}}
Zip {{}}

Only for "Order Paid" Trigger

Description Variable
Financial Status {{order.financialStatus}}
Gateway {{order.gateway}}
Payment Gateway Names {{order.paymentGatewayNames}}

Only for "Order Fullfilled" Trigger

Description Variable
Shipping Name {{}}
Tracking number {{order.fulfillments.trackingNumber}}
Tracking URL {{order.fulfillments.trackingUrl}}
Fulfillment Status {{order.fulfillments.status}}

Only for "Abandoned Cart" Trigger

Description Variable
Abandoned Cart Url {{order.abandonedCartUrl}}

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