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Sending review requests via WhatsApp


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Below is the example of Stamped's email review form:

Integrate with bitCRM and request product reviews to buyers' WhatsApp by attaching a Stamped review page URL to their WhatsApp Chat.

Follow this steps below to send a automation:

Step 1.

- Go to bitCRM dashboard, download here

- Click "Integrations" and turn on ""

Step 2.

- Follow the instructions at the card below
-  Fill in your "API Public Key" and "API Private Key" from 

Step 3.

 - Go to "Automation"

 - Turn on your Automation Template

Step 4.

- Fill in the form
- Set Stamped/Shopify as Source of Order Activity, depending on your flow.
- Edit the message to your liking
- Lastly click "Submit"

Step 5.

- Test it out, by placing a test order to your shop 

Step 6.

- And lastly, the message you created will appear to your WhatsApp as you scheduled

If you have any questions please feel free to contact [email protected],
or WhatsApp us at :

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