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Sending review requests via WhatsApp


Last Update 14 days ago is an app that sends product recommendations or review forms to buyers' email. To enhance social proof for your products.

Below is the example of Stamped's email review form:

By integrating with bitCRM, you can follow up on reviews to buyers' WhatsApp and send a Stamped review page URL to their WhatsApp Chat.

Follow this steps below to send a automation:

Step 1.

- Go to bitCRM dashboard, download here

- Click "Integrations" and turn on ""

Step 2.

- Follow the instructions at the card below
-  Fill in your "API Public Key" and "API Private Key" from 

Step 3.

 - Go to "Automation"

 - Turn on your Automation Template

Step 4.

- Fill in the form
- Set Stamped/Shopify as Source of Order Activity, depending on your flow.
- Edit the message to your liking
- Lastly click "Submit"

Step 5.

- Test it out, by placing a test order to your shop 

Step 6.

- And lastly, the message you created will appear to your WhatsApp as you scheduled

If you have any questions please feel free to contact [email protected],
or WhatsApp us at :

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