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Guide to streamlining WhatsApp chat along customer's journey


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Follow these steps to start your bitCRM Automation or watch this video below:

Step 1. 

- Open bitCRM, Go to “Automation” 
- Click “Order Created" or "Create New Scenario"

Step 2.

- Fill in the “Scenario Description” 

- Select “From” and select the source of order activity

Step 3.

- Select a "Trigger "

a. Order Created: activated when the customer has already paid for the order
b. Order Fulfilled: Order is shipped to customer's house
c. Order Paid: The order has been paid.
d. Payment Reminder: For Customers that have not paid yet.
e. Abandoned Cart: For customers with items in their cart.

Step 4.

- Connect to your Communication Channel “Whatsapp Unofficial API”

- Your number will appear in the black space after you connected.

Step 5. 

-Include a testing number and test out Automation
-Schedule the message
a. Immediately: Immediately after trigger is fired. Don't fill in Advance scheduling
b. Weekdays_only : Will be delivered immediately at Weekdays after trigger is fired. Don't fill in Advance scheduling
c. Weekend_only : Will be delivered immediately at Weekends after trigger is fired. Don't fill in Advance scheduling
d. Custom : Select this, and fill in "Advance Scheduling" to customizable schedule.

Step 6.

- Create a personalized message, by clicking dynamics variables like below.
- And Click "Add Voucher Code" to add a discount/free shipping voucher.

Step 7.

-Fill in the Voucher code form

-Save by clicking "Save Changes"

Step 8. (Optional) 
-Upload media that will appear at your message.

Step 9. 
- Finally, Click Submit, to test out your Automation.

Once done, your Automation will appear in the Automation Dashboard and don't forget to check your WhatsApp!

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