Send order notifications to customer's WhatsApp from Shopify flow


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Step 1. Install Shopify Flow

- Open your Shopify dashboard > Apps
- Download Shopify flow here
- Download bitCRM here

Step 2. Set your Shopify Flow

- Return to your dashboard
- Open Shopify flow > Workflow > Create new Workflow

- Click "Select Trigger"

- Select Shopify > Order Created

Step 3. Select order condition

- Click Then > Select Condition
- Select Order > Unpaid

Step 4. Set up bitCRM in Shopify flow

- Click Then > Action

-Next, Click "Then" > "Action" > “bitCRM” > Send WhatsApp directly

-Request the API Key from our Customer Service e-mail > Fill in the message > Add a variable *optional > enter the testing number

-Lastly, if you want to send to other people that's not in the contact list, you can include them in "CC"

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team :

- Email: [email protected]

- WhatsApp: +1(415)936-4114

- Video Call:

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