Set up your Google OAuth & Google One Tap for bitLogin

Krishna Hendra Wijaya

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Step 1:

Open Google Console and login with your google account (if asked).

Step 2: 

Click on this button to open "Select Project" popup.

Step 3: 

After "Select Project" popup is opened, click on "New Project" button.

Step 4.
Enter your project name and click "Create" button.
*parent organization field is optional, you can skip this.

Step 5:
Go to your newly created project by clicking notification icon button on the header and click on "Select Project" button

Step 6:
Click "APIs and services > Credentials"

Step 7:
Click on "Configure Consent Screen" button

Step 8:
Select "External" option and click on "Create" button

Step 9: 
Fill in all required fields.

- App name: your app name

- App logo: your app logo

- User support email: for users to contact you with questions about their consent

- App domain: enter your website URL into “Application home page” field.

- Privacy policy link: enter your website’s privacy policy link.

- Term of service link: enter your website’s term of service link.

After you enter tos and privacy policy links, your domain will be auto-detected by google as a missing domain, click on "Add Domain" button and type your domain and click "Save and Continue" button to complete. 

Step 10:

Next, click on "Add or remove access scopes" button 

add the following scopes:

- …/auth/

- …/auth/userinfo.profile

- openid

scroll down and click "Update" button to save the changes

then click on "Save and Continue" button 

Step 11:

Click "Save and Continue" button.

Step 12:

Navigate to "Credentials" and click on "Create Credentials" button

Step 13:

Click on "OAuth Client ID"

Step 14:

Select "Web applications" for application type

Step 15:

- Enter "https://<store-url>" for "Authorized JavaScript origins"

- Enter "https://<store-url>/pages/bitlogin-google-callback" for "Authorized redirect URIs"

Step 16:

Finally, copy Client Id (Client Key) and Client Secret and paste them to bitLogin Google Settings and click 'Save'

Step 17 (optional): Turn on Google One Tap

Faster, more secure login for your store (a login pop-up when user visit website)

Go to: and turn on Google One Tap

That's the end of the tutorial, if you need any help feel free to email us at [email protected].

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