Enable WhatsApp Widget at Your Shopify Themes


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Step 1. Connect to Your Shopify Themes

- Open bitChat dashboard or access the WhatsApp Widget tab here
- Click "Enable now"

- Click "Connect to Shopify" 
- After being redirected to your Shopify theme, click "Save"

Step 2. Set Up your WhatsApp Widget 

- Enable "Add WhatsApp Widget" toggle
- Fill in your WhatsApp phone number

- Enable your Greetings Widget 

- Fill in your Chat Status
- Upload profile picture

- Fill in Greeting Message

Step 3. Set WhatsApp Button Style

- Select desired "Button Position" & "Button Style" that will appear at your website

- Fill in the "Pre-Filled Message"

- Lastly, select the pages that you want the widget to appear 
- Finish by clicking "Preview"

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