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Step 1. Open Google Console and login with your google account (if asked).

Step 2. Click on this button to open "Select Project" popup.

Step 3. After "Select Project" popup is opened, click on "New Project" button.

Step 4. Enter your project name and click "Create" button.

*parent organization field is optional, you can skip this.

Step 5. Go to your newly created project by clicking notification icon button on the header and click on "Select Project" button

Step 6. Click "APIs and services > Credentials"

Step 7. Click on "Configure Consent Screen" button

Step 8. Select "External" option and click on "Create" button

Step 9.

Fill in all required fields.

- App name: your app name
- App logo: your app logo

- User support email: for users to contact you with questions about their consent

- App domain: enter your website URL into “Application home page” field.
- Privacy policy link: enter your website’s privacy policy link.
- Term of service link: enter your website’s term of service link.

After you enter tos and privacy policy links, your domain will be auto-detected by google as a missing domain, click on "Add Domain" button and type your domain  and click "Save and Continue" button to complete. 

Step 10.

On "Scope" parts, check on the first top 2 list (/auth/userinfo.email & /auth/userinfo.profile). Then click "Save and Continue"

Step 11.

Skip this part and directly click "Save and Continue"

Step 12.

Navigate to "Credentials" and click on "Create Credentials" button

Step 13.

Click on "OAuth Client ID"

Step 14.

Select "Web applications" for application type

Step 15

- Enter "https://gateway.bitbybit.studio" for "Authorized JavaScript origins"

- Enter "https://gateway.bitbybit.studio/bitlogin/api/login/google/callback" for "Authorized redirect URIs"

Step 16

Finally, copy Client Id (Client Key) and Client Secret  and paste them to BitLogin oauth setting and click submit

For now, your app only available for test users. To publish your app to all users, you will need to verify your domain.

Depends on your need, most of users will have official company profile. This will involve uploading your company logo and information such as privacy policy link, domain, etc. If you are doing so, Google will need to verify first if your company be able to have your own OAuth. Click on the "Prepare For Verification" button on screenshot above. Follow the steps that are provided until you finally successfully submit your OAuth. Please note that Google will need time to review your submission. At this phase, you just have to wait for their confirmation. If approved, you will have your own company logo and profile on the OAuth screen :)

That's the end of the tutorial, if you need any help feel free to contact [email protected]

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